How to Prepare for Desert Safari- Tips and Tricks

No trip to Dubai is complete without a thrilling Desert Safari tour in blazing hot sand under blanket of red hot blazing sun. Using a 4×4 Land Cruiser SUVs, experience the beauty of golden mighty sand dunes during evening night safari Dubai.

The drivers are experienced and highly skilled with great feedback by tourists. They are fun and lively who knows how to cheer up the audience with their talk as well as their skill.

There are many different types and packages of Desert Safari available. Types include Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, Overnight Desert Safari, Hummer Desert Safari and Private Safari etc. The package usually includes (Package is general; It may vary depending on which company you are selecting):

  • Dune Bashing
  • Sun Set Photography
  • BBQ and buffet Dinner (Vegetarian can also be arranged if requested)
  • Traditional Arab Dresses
  • Camel Rides
  • Belle Dance
  • Henna (Mehandi Painting)
  • Hubbllee Bubblee (Sheesha)
  • Fresh dates and gahwa (Arabic coffee)
  • Unlimited Refreshments

On Payment Options:

  • Bars
  • Star gazing with telescope
  • Horse Riding
  • Quad Bike
  • Sand Skiing (Skiing board is also provided)

Compare different deals and choose the deal of desert safari that suits you. Evening desert safari ride is usually from 3pm-9pm. There are different pickup points in Dubai. Some can also provide facility of picking from door step but beware, they will charge more. Have a light lunch early in the afternoon. Beware; don’t have something heave as the tight turns and thrill later can disturb your stomach. Comfortable and decent clothing like shorts, shirts & light weight tops etc. will make your experience more memorable and enjoyable. Temperature falls in evening so maybe take light sweater or cardigan with you even if it’s not October.

Bring hat, sun glasses and sun protector to save your beautiful self from the cruel heat. Camera is fundamental of any such tour and it will be a crime to not to bring your personal camera and not letting your inner photographer go on a rampage.

Don’t forget to bring some spare cash. You may need some on comfort shop (Even if company is providing all facilities, take some incase of some emergency) where there are so many things to buy, or in case you want to purchase some Art from Photographer or hire him for your photo sessions.

As you will be getting out of the vehicle frequently so open shoes like flip flops and sandals are preferable to boots and sneakers. Because sand may get in and can bother you rest of the journey.

The location of desert is not as far as one may expect, it takes roughly 45 minutes to reach so sit tight and don’t let this put you off.

Trust your driver; drivers hired in evening desert safari are highly skilled are professionally trained for a full fledged entertainment. They know their jeeps and are highly praised by tourists hence there is no need of concern. Sit back, control your nerves and enjoy the thrill.

Secure a good spot at camp site as soon as you arrive or don’t complain later.

Before Dinner there are many fun filled activities including henna tattoos, camel ride, bar, Arabic coffee and dates etc. but the time is limited hence make a rush and do it sooner rather than later.

Camp sites are very modern so don’t over think and enjoy. Think before swiping your card, things may be way more expensive there.

Evening Desert Safari is the best experience and worth dedicating your day in Dubai. Let the adventure of desert flow in you and enjoy the Arabic Hospitality.